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With Fiks WhatsApp Service we actively help you and keep you personally informed about matching internships on our job board.

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Why thousands of students use Fiks...

WhatsApp Service

Sign up for Fiks WhatsApp Service, sit back, relax and get internships personally forwarded to you via WhatsApp. This way you always stay up to date about the latest internships. Nice right?

Personal help

Students told us that Fiks is the only internship platform in the Netherlands that personally helps you find your internship. Chat with us about anything, we are here to help!

Always get paid

All companies on Fiks pay a salary to interns, otherwise they will not be accepted on our platform! We do everything we can to make this amount as high as possible. Life as a student is expensive enough....

How does Fiks WhatsApp Service work?

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Receive WhatsApp messages

Niels will immediately help you personally and send you a number of relevant internships. From now on, you will receive a message when a matching internship is posted on our job board.

Land your internship

Easily connect with companies you are interested in. You will be in touch directly with with the company and can easily apply for a job through our transparent platform.

Fiks reviews van studenten via Google4.9 ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ van 500+ reviews

For students, by students

With Fiks we help uni students find their internship. How much? Free for you my friend!

Accessible contact options, cool companies and personal help like you are talking to your mate, that's what makes our service unique.

Meld je net als 10.000+ slimme studenten aan voor Fiks WhatsApp Service en fiks je stage!

Meet the Fiks Team!

Iron Brands Co-founder Fiks

Iron Brands


Business Development

Berke Verhey Co-founder Fiks

Bèrke Verhey


Web Dev & Wizard Stuff

Niels Geominy Fiks Co-founder

Niels Geominy


Product, UX/UI & Growth

Floortje Teeuwen Community Manager Fiks

Floortje Teeuwen

TikTok & Socials

Koen Overes

Koen Overes

Partnership Manager

Bo Teeuwen

Bo Teeuwen

Student Community Manager