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Effectively reach more students for your internships via WhatsApp.

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Why post your vacancies on Fiks?

Students love us

Because of the direct contact via WhatsApp, the personal touch and our accessible way of communication, Fiks is perceived as more helpful compared to other job boards. Fiks is exactly in line with the needs of the student of today.

WhatsApp promotie

At Fiks we send our students personalized WhatsApp messages to promote your vacancies with an open rate of 98%.

Vind studenten

Get access to our database of active students, search for talent and connect directly with them.

Nationaal bereik

Through educational institutions and student organizations we reach students all over the Netherlands. We also target students directly on the basis of the vacancies you provide.

How does Fiks work for companies?

Create your account and access your dashboard

Choose your subscription and post your vacancies

Your jobs are promoted via WhatsApp

Discover students who are actively seeking internships or jobs

Hire a student who fits your organization

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✅ Fiks heeft inmiddels al honderden studenten en bedrijven met elkaar geconnect

🚀 Via Fiks kunnen jullie studenten bereiken met jullie vacatures via WhatsApp! 

🕵️‍♀️ Hoe Fiks te werk gaat voor het vinden van de beste kandidaten voor jullie stages of startersfuncties

Benieuwd of Fiks matcht met jullie? Plan een call in waarbij we een vrijblijvende demo geven van ons platform!

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Pricing of Fiks subscriptions

No Cure No Pay

Onbeperkt vacatures plaatsen
Vacancy optimization
Google for Jobs exposure
Hiring fee per intern € 495
Hiring fee per starter € 1995

175 / year
Partner Intern

6 internships online per semester
Vacancy optimization
Google for Jobs exposure
Access to Discover Students
Hiring fee per intern € 0

1295 / year
Partner Starter

6 vacancies online per semester
Vacancy optimization
Google for Jobs exposure
Access to Discover Students
Hiring fee per starter € 0

3495 / year

Questions about our pricing

At Fiks, you can choose from several subscriptions. For internships, there are two options:

'Partner Intern': For €1295,- per year you can post up to 6 internship vacancies online and hire unlimited students. This package is often interesting for companies looking for 4 interns or more per year.

'No Cure No Pay': There is also an annual fee attached to this, but it is a lot lower, namely 175,- euros. You can still post up to 6 internship vacancies online. However, you pay a one-time hiring fee of 495,- euro when you hire an intern through Fiks. This package is mainly interesting for companies with a smaller internship demand or companies that would like to test Fiks.

For starter positions, we have the same setup. A 'Partner Starter' costs 3495,- euro for unlimited hiring of starters. Hiring a starter on a 'No Cure No Pay' basis costs 1995,- euro per starter.

There are a number of fixed starting moments of internships per year. Most of the students start their internship in September and February, which lasts about 20 weeks (both thesis and full time internship). There is also a group of students who are looking for an internship for November and April, which is usually a full time internship. Finally, there is a demand for 'summer internships': short internships during the vacation period.

Based on our research, we know that the first students start searching about half a year before the start of the internship. All in all, this ensures that students are looking for an internship at any time of the year.

We see a mismatch between diligent students who start searching early for their internship and companies who give priority to putting their vacancies online much later. We are trying to solve this through our annual package to create more and better connections.

Based on our research, we know that students search during different periods. When your job posting is only online for one month, you miss a significant portion of potential employees. As a compromise, we tried to keep prices relatively low.

In addition, you will receive a standard company page on our website to reach students all year round. This strengthens your employer branding and is an opportunity to receive open applications from good students, regardless of whether you already have your internship assignment outstanding.

This is certainly possible, but we strongly discourage it. Students like to use the WhatsApp button to quickly ask questions about your vacancy and to get in touch in a more personal way.

Yes, because of COVID-19 we see that more and more companies offer their internship/traineeship (partly) remotely. At the moment we are actively investigating how this can be done best, with the aim to improve the on-boarding process of interns/trainees.

Of course we will share the results of this study with our clients.

At Fiks, after several years, we know exactly what a good internship vacancy looks like. We've seen hundreds of jobs come through. Some look great and do well, but some don't. That's why we go to work on every internship vacancy.

We try to make sure that your internship vacancies match our student audience as closely as possible. As soon as companies post a new internship vacancy in the dashboard, we do a standard vacancy check before it goes online.

Google for Jobs is a new product from Google. It allows jobs from certain job boards to be easily found in the search engine.

Fiks is built in order for the jobs loaded on our platform to also be easily and immediately accessible for Google for Jobs. This means that your jobs will not only show up on Fiks but also rank in Google. This provides more exposure to students.

For companies that are in a Partner subscription, it is now possible to approach students themselves. We call this feature "Discover Students" and it is available in the dashboard.

So in addition to students applying for jobs, Discover Students allows you as a company to contact students directly.

Iron Brands van Stageplatform Fiks

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[email protected]

Free vacancy optimization?

Do you find it difficult to draw up a strong internship vacancy? Fiks to the rescue!

Why have your vacancy checked by us for free?

✅ Increase your responses to your job posting, without having to pay for it

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🤓 Optimization based on data

Easily find a student for your company

If you are looking for a corporate internship, Fiks is the place to be. We can offer you all kinds of different vacancies, from an internship Business Administration to an internship economics. We help to find the right student for your open position. Via WhatsApp We bring students and companies into contact with each other in an accessible way. Fiks not only helps the student, but also companies who are looking for an intern. You can easily upload the vacancies and choose a suitable package. Then we send the vacancies to relevant students via WhatsApp. In this way you will find motivated and driven students who are actively looking for an internship within the industry you are in. Finding an intern for your company is quick and easy with Fiks! Whether you are looking for a full time internship, graduation internship or research internship, Fiks will help you.

Publish internships via Fiks

Fiks was founded for students, by students and this is reflected in our personal approach. We know that finding a suitable internship can be a difficult process. As the tools of universities and colleges do not always connect to the needs of the student, we founded Fiks. At Fiks we connect student and company, so that both parties are well served. If you are looking for a suitable internship for companies, we help you to get in touch with suitable students. In this way, you as a company can easily find a student that fits well within your organization. Curious what Fiks can do for your company? Close one of our annual subscriptions or contact us without engagement. We are happy to help you arrange an internship for companies!